PbSe Array
(Download PbSe Array Datasheet)
Agiltron manufactures state-of-the-art lead sensitivity Selenide devices (PbSe) for room temperature operation as well as thermoelectrically cooled operation for spectroscopy from 1 to 5 microns. The linear arrays are with 64/128/256 element. These devices can be supplied with integrated optical filters, pre-amplifiers or multiplexed amplifiers for applications. Thermoelectronic cooler and thermistor are built in for temperature stabilization.

New Automated Chemical Processing (ACP) produces higher yield at lower cost.

Extremely high reliability under extreme conditions.

Long shelf life.

Hermetically sealed package to completely eliminate humidity attack on detection area.

Wide range of electrical characteristics available.

Wide range of sizes available.

Immediate delivery.

Compact integrated filter/detector combinations.

100% tested.

State of the art microelectronics fabrication capability.

Specializing in high density arrays.64/128 element, etc.

Mechanical Features
PbSe Detector array is typically manufactured on quartz substrate. Devices can be supplied integrated with optical condenser elements, thermoelectric (TE) coolers, and processing electronics, all in a miniature package.